Hidden Christmas


Hidden Christmas


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From pastor and New York Times bestselling author Timothy Keller comes the perfect gift for the holidays—a profoundly moving and intellectually provocative examination of the Nativity story.

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Even people who are not professing Christians think they are familiar with the story of the Nativity. Every Christmas displays of Jesus resting in a manger populate lawns and churchyards, and songs about shepherds and angels fill the air. Yet despite the abundance of these Christian references in popular culture, how many of us have examined the hard edges of this biblical story?

In his new book Timothy Keller takes readers on an illuminating journey into the surprising background of the Nativity. By understanding the message of hope and salvation within the Bible’s account of Jesus’s birth, readers will understand the redeeming power of God’s grace in a meaningful and deeper way.

Keller shares, "If you’re my age and you’ve been preaching for 40 years, you’ve talked about Christmas a lot. Every time I get to the Christmas season I realize this is such an important message, and people don’t hear it, they just tune out what the Christian idea of Christmas claims to be… this is a bit of a wake-up call, and a non-sentimental book on Christmas."

Publication Date: October 25, 2016.
Published by Viking Books.

Keller beautifully displays multiple facets of the gospel within the Christmas story... [He] has established his place as one our most helpful theological and cultural commentators. With Hidden Christmas, he applies his gifts to a subject that’s at once overly familiar and often neglected.
— Scott James, The Gospel Coalition
[A] great gift book… Keller achieves his pastoral goal of teaching Christmas’ most important message—“God alone has the life, truth and joy that we lack and cannot generate ourselves”—and in doing so, provides solace for those who seek it.
— Publishers Weekly